Stilts STOMP Server


At the base of all the Stilts projects is the protocol handlers for STOMP 1.1, implemented using JBoss Netty.


The implementation includes basic reusable components, such as frame and message encoders and decoders. Additionally, it provides a contract for interacting with a StompProvider:

package org.projectodd.stilts.stomp.spi;

import org.projectodd.stilts.stomp.Headers;
import org.projectodd.stilts.stomp.StompException;

public interface StompProvider {
    StompConnection createConnection(TransactionalAcknowledgeableMessageSink messageSink, Headers headers) throws StompException;

The Message Conduit Server is a StompProvider which adapts the API to a simpler abstraction in which transactions are handled for you. But others, such as native-JMS, could easily be created.


You may easily wire up your StompProvider to the transport server:

StompServer<MyStompProvider> server = new StompServer<MyStompProvider>();
server.setStompProvider( new MyStompProvider() );