Ceylon and Ceylon IDE updated to M3.1

Ceylon M3.1 is now available for download, along with a simultaneous compatible release of Ceylon IDE. This release fixes several bugs in the recent M3 release of Ceylon, and introduces several enhancements.

To the Ceylon language module:

  • a whole suite of new operations for working with iterable objects and collections.

And to Ceylon IDE:

  • major improvements to the builder in Ceylon IDE, incorporating performance enhancements and better support for multi-project builds and for intercompilation of Ceylon with Java, and
  • cross-project refactoring.

Ceylon M3.1 is otherwise compatible with M3.

You can download the Ceylon command line distribution here:


Or you can install Ceylon IDE from Eclipse Marketplace or from our Eclipse update site.

Ceylon M3.1 and Ceylon IDE M3.1 require Java 7.

Source code

The source code for Ceylon, its specification, and its website, is freely available from GitHub:



Bugs and suggestions may be reported in GitHub's issue tracker.


The Ceylon community site includes documentation, the current draft of the language specification, the roadmap, and information about getting involved.



We're deeply indebted to the community volunteers who contributed a substantial part of the current Ceylon codebase, working in their own spare time. The following people have contributed to this release:

Gavin King, Stéphane Épardaud, Tako Schotanus, Emmanuel Bernard, Tom Bentley, Aleš Justin, David Festal, Flavio Oliveri, Max Rydahl Andersen, Mladen Turk, James Cobb, Tomáš Hradec, Michael Brackx, Ross Tate, Ivo Kasiuk, Enrique Zamudio, Julien Ponge, Julien Viet, Pete Muir, Nicolas Leroux, Brett Cannon, Geoffrey De Smet, Guillaume Lours, Gunnar Morling, Jeff Parsons, Jesse Sightler, Oleg Kulikov, Raimund Klein, Sergej Koščejev, Sjur Bakka, Chris Marshall, Simon Thum, Maia Kozheva, Shelby.