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Ceylon after two weeks

This has been almost two weeks since Stephane and I have done our presentation at Devoxx and revealed the Ceylon community. Let me give you some feedback.


Our IDE sneak preview has been very popular. Not surprising since it let's you play with Ceylon right from your comfy Eclipse seat in five minutes.

Many thanks to our early testers for finding a few bugs including the infamous issue 107 which basically was shutting down Eclipse if the language module was not installed (yep the System.exit(1) was mine :) ).

All of this is now fixed and David has pushed a new IDE release with many improvements. Make sure to update the Eclipse plugin (Help->Check for updates).


We are very happy with how the community is shaping up. We had a few interesting and engaging discussions as well as contributions. Just one example: Visibility model ; we have been discussing how to improveupon our visibility model (the shared keyword).

That's exactly how we wanted it to be, so keep coming :) If you are interested, Gavin marks discussions as request for feedback in our issue tracker.

Or simply join our development mailing list. We have recently discussed Java interop, killer features that should or should not be added and more.


The website had a few glitches including an faulty atom feed. This is now fixed. We took the opportunity to improve ceylondoc (the equivalent of javadoc). You can now search for a type, attribute, method name etc right from the page. Thanks Stef for the jQuery wizardry.

That's all forks, if you are interested, please join the fun and come contribute by talking or by coding.

First community Feedback Requests

A Feedback Request is our new way of asking for input from the community on design issues that we're uncertain about. I created the first two feeback requests over the weekend:

  1. Syntax for inline functions and objects
  2. Alternate visibility model

Please join in the discussions! The decisions we make on these issues will be incorporated into the Milestone 2 release.