The Ceylon team

Gavin King

Gavin King leads the Ceylon project at Red Hat. Gavin is the creator of Hibernate, a popular object/relational persistence solution for Java, and the Seam Framework, an application framework for enterprise Java. He's contributed to the Java Community Process as JBoss and then Red Hat representative for the EJB and JPA specifications and as lead of the CDI specification.

Gavin now works full time on Ceylon, polishing the language specification, developing the compiler frontend, working on the IDE, and thinking about the SDK and future of the platform. He's still a fan of Java, and of other languages, especially Smalltalk, Python, and ML.

You can follow him on G+ or on twitter.

Stéphane Épardaud

Stéphane Épardaud is a long-time open source user and contributor, now working on the Ceylon compiler because if you're not writing a compiler you're not doing proper programming ;)

Some of his open-source contributions include:

  • LURC: C multi-threading library (author)
  • ULM: mobile agent language compiler and VMs (author)
  • jax-doclets: java doclet for JAXB and JAX-RS (author)
  • Stamps.js: JavaScript templates (author)
  • RESTEasy: JAX-RS implementation (committer)

You can follow him on G+.

Tako Schotanus

Old enough to remember the ZX81 Tako Schotanus has spent an awful amount of years programming in Java to please his corporate overlords but when he heard about Ceylon he decided it was time to do his part for the good of mankind (well at least for those in IT slaving away on the next website for the latest cool product nobody is waiting for) and pitch in to make Ceylon the best it can be.

Tako is Dutch but prefers the Spanish sun in Madrid where he now lives (something that will surprise no one who really knows the Netherlands).

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Tom Bentley

Tom mainly works on the compiler backend, but also helps out with the website and whatever else might need doing. Having spent years writing software in industry, most recently the Finance and Public sectors, he's enjoying the challenge of working in a new problem domain.

Tom lives in the UK.

Aleš Justin

Aleš Justin is Sr. Principal Software Engineer at JBoss by Red Hat.

He joined JBoss in 2006 to work full time on the Microcontainer project. He currently leads CapeDwarf project, while still contributing to ApplicationServer, Weld, Arquillian and many other JBoss projects.

After realizing what Gavin's next gig was, he was eager to learn more and find a way to contribute. Ceylon's new modular runtime was perfect for this, given his kernel background, hence a prototype quickly emerged.

You can follow him on twitter or read his occasional blog.

Bastien Jansen

Bastien started programming around year 2002, he tried a few languages like C, PHP, and Ruby before settling down in the Java world. In late 2012, while looking for a new project involving IntelliJ plugin development, he discovered Ceylon and decided that this fabulous language deserved a great IDE.

He started Ceylon IDE for IntelliJ, and in mid-2015 he officially joined the Ceylon team to start working full-time on this project.

You can follow him on twitter or read his blog.

David Festal

David is a Java programmer since year 2000 (after some years of C, C++, VB), and is currently involved in several OpenSource projects on behalf of SERLI, a french software development company strongly involved in the OpenSource community.

He joined the Ceylon project in July 2011, and was affected on it on a full-time basis by SERLI for some months. During this time he started the Eclipse IDE integration in order to help providing a comprehensive IDE support for Milestone 1. From this time, he's been regularly involved in the Ceylon project, specifically the IDE development, either on a part-time basis, or on a full-time basis.

Ceylon work meets some of his technical interests among which we can find software architecture, language analysis and transformation, and distributed systems.

Emmanuel Bernard

Emmanuel Bernard is data platform architect at JBoss by Red Hat, is heavily involved in the JCP and leads several community projects of the Hibernate team.

Emmanuel has been a sparing partner for Gavin since the early days of Ceylon, exchanging and challenging ideas as well has reading the specification over and over while it was evolving. He is also contributing to the compiler's type checker, work on the website and generally helps on everything infrastructure on the Ceylon project.

You can follow him on twitter or on Google +.

Enrique Zamudio

Enrique started programming on a ZX81 at the age of 9, and has never stopped since. He's been in a love/hate relationship with Java since 2001, which has prompted him to try alternatives such as Groovy and Scala; now with Ceylon he has a chance not only to try a new language, but to help with its development.

Over the years he has published a few open-source projects, mainly:

  • jAlarms: An easy to use library to allow server-side apps to send alarms when something goes wrong
  • j8583: A Java implementation of ISO8583
  • ScalaSQL: A simple interface between Scala and JDBC, similar to the Groovy Sql component

You can follow him on G+ or twitter, or read his blog (in Spanish) over at javaMexico, a JUG in México where he's part of the staff.

Matej Lazar

Matej Lazar is part of Red Hat's OpenShift team, he works on Java related tasks, mainly CapeDwarf and Ceylon.

As there was no Ceylon web server yet, he started to write one. While working with Ceylon he started to really like it hence picking other Ceylon tasks as well.

Ross Tate

Ross Tate is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University researching programming languages. Ross investigates how to make the design of object-oriented type systems (particularly generics) better match how they are used in industry while still adhering to principles such as decidability and simplicity. He first applied this approach to Java's type system (PLDI 2011), and now he focuses his efforts on Ceylon, making sure Ceylon's powerful features remain feasible and all work together cohesively.

Tomáš Hradec

Tomáš is playing with design and development of java application over ten years. He is contributing into Ceylon project whenever time permits him. Currently lives in Czech Republic.

Lucas Werkmeister

Lucas Werkmeister is a computer science student from Germany, who worked on a fractal explorer, a Geohashing app and an EDID editor in Java and C# before discovering Ceylon. After some exploring, he almost turned away from Ceylon because the IDE had no support for code formatting yet; instead, he was persuaded to write a formatter himself. Since then, he's been doing more and more work in and on Ceylon, including a participation in the 2014 Google Summer of Code.

John Vasileff

After studying electrical and computer engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, John Vasileff cofounded MarketingCentral, which became the leading provider of online collaboration and resource management software for marketers. MarketingCentral was acquired by Unica in 2007, and its core product is available today as IBM Marketing Operations OnDemand.

More recently, John has become a huge fan of Ceylon and enthusiastic contributor to the Ceylon project. He created the (unofficial) Dart backend and the VSCode extension for the Dart and Javascript backends, wrote the Whole, Random, and TOML SDK modules, and has contributed numerous patches and bug reports for the type checker and other parts of the distribution.

Max Rydahl Andersen

Max Rydahl Andersen is the tooling architect at JBoss by Red Hat.

Day-to-day he leads the development behind JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio.

In the early days he worked on Hibernate Core even before it became part of JBoss, and over time he have been involved in alot of projects at JBoss, mainly focused on the tooling/developer aspects.

He gets to touch upon almost every technology inside JBoss as they need tooling. It's given him a unique viewpoint of being an actual user of the technology - feeling both the pains and joys of a user.

Max have been involved in Ceylon from the early days and tried to keep up with the evolving specifications. Gives feedback and provide input in directions of the tooling and as such is now trying to make Ceylon available from Eclipse.

You can follow him on twitter or on Google + and if you want to stalk him see his About page.

Roland Tepp

Roland Tepp is a software engineer with over 13+ years of experience.

When Ceylon needed contributions to the sdk, he immediately took the opportunity to help out and lay foundations for a standard Date and Time library that he always wanted but never had.

Roland lives and works in Estonia.

Diego Coronel

Diego Coronel is a software engineer currently working on FPF.

Once he learned of the emergence of this new language decided to study its concepts and soon him became fascinated. He is currently voluntary in the Date/Time API and he guarantee which was well received and has learned a lot. For sure, believe to be with the best team in the world.

Diego lives and works in Manaus/Brazil.

Ivo Kasiuk

Ivo wrote his first programs in AmigaBASIC and assembler but later became increasingly interested in object-oriented programming. After many years with Java and C++, he started exploring alternatives like Scala and D and finally came across Ceylon. While his focus is on object-oriented design, he secretly likes bit shifting and performance tuning. He lives in Germany.

Mladen Turk

Mladen Turk is Principal Software Engineer at JBoss by Red Hat. He works mostly on native integration.

You can follow him on G+ or you can read his occasional blog.

John Doe

John Doe does not work on Ceylon.

He is however the representative of the regular Java user that wish to see a Java-like platform going to the next stage. Je loves his IDE (Eclipse) and does not want to go back to the dark old days of vi or emacs. He loves that the compiler tells him exactly what is wrong with his code without getting in his way.

John works for ACME Corp.