Note: information on this page refers to Ceylon 1.1, not to the current release.

while statement

The while statement executes a block of code repeatedly.


The general form of the while statement is:

while ( /* condition */ ) {
    /* while block */
/* code after while statement */



A while statement executes a block of code repeatedly until the while condition evaluates to false (or the block is exited via a return, throw or break directive).

break and continue

Within the while block the break directive can be used to exit the block early without waiting for the condition to become false.

The continue directive can be used to skip execution of the remainder of the block.


The conditions in a while statement form a condition list.

Any expression of type Boolean may be occur in the condition list of a while statement. The while statement also supports the use of typing conditions:

These conditions narrow the type of a reference within the while block, and in later conditions in the condition list.

Object takeNext() {
    // ...

void takeSmallIntegers() {
    while (is Integer x=takeNext(), x < 10) {
        // ...


  • Ceylon has no do/while statement as seen in other C-like languages.

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