Note: information on this page refers to Ceylon 1.2, not to the current release.

Command line tooling and build tools

Because the Ceylon compiler and runtime come with build-in dependency management, many Ceylon projects don't even need a separate build system. So to build Ceylon projects from the command line, we have four options:

  • the ceylon command itself,
  • Apache ant,
  • Gradle, and
  • Maven.

The ceylon command

The ceylon command comes packed with functionality for compiling, managing, and executing Ceylon modules. It even features a powerful plugin architecture that lets you develop new subcommands and easily install subcommands created by the Ceylon community.

It's possible to customize the behavior of the ceylon command for a particular project using a configuration file.

You can find a list of the built-in subcommands here.

Apache ant

The Ceylon command line distribution somes with several ant tasks for building Ceylon projects.


There is a Gradle plugin for Ceylon that offers some very useful functionality for managing dependencies to Java libraries.


There is also a Maven plugin for Ceylon.