ceylon src [--cacherep=<url>] [--cwd=<dir>] [--doc=<dirs>] [--maven-overrides=<url>] [--no-default-repositories] [--offline] [--overrides=<url>] [--rep=<url>...] [--resource=<dir>] [--resource-root=<folder-name>] [--script=<dir>] [--source=<dir>] [--src=<dir>] [--sysrep=<url>] [--timeout=<seconds>] [--verbose[=<flags>]] [--] <module...>


Fetches any sources, resources, documentation and scripts that can be found for given module from the first configured repository to contain the module and extracts the them into their respective output directories. Multiple modules can be given.

This tool is especially useful for working with example projects.



Specifies the folder to use for caching downloaded modules. (default: ~/.ceylon/cache)


Specifies the current working directory for this tool. (default: the directory where the tool is run from)


The output doc directory (default: ./doc)


Specifies the XML file to use to load Maven artifact overrides. See for information. Deprecated: use --overrides.


Indicates that the default repositories should not be used.

--offline, -L

Enables offline mode that will prevent connections to remote repositories.


Specifies the XML file to use to load module overrides. See for information. Experimental.


Specifies a module repository containing dependencies. Can be specified multiple times. (default: modules, ~/.ceylon/repo,

--resource=dir, -r dir

The output resource directory (default: ./resource)

--resource-root=folder-name, -R folder-name

Sets the special resource folder name whose files will end up in the root of the resulting module CAR file (default: ROOT).

--script=dir, -x dir

The output script directory (default: ./script)


An alias for --src (default: ./source)

--src=dir, -s dir

The output source directory (default: ./source)


Specifies the system repository containing essential modules. (default: $CEYLON_HOME/repo)

--timeout=seconds, -T seconds

Sets the timeout for connections to remote repositories, use 0 for no timeout (default: 20).

--verbose[=flags], -d

Produce verbose output. If no flags are given then be verbose about everything, otherwise just be verbose about the flags which are present. Allowed flags include: all, loader.


A typical workflow might be:

mkdir my-project
cd my-project
ceylon src
ceylon compile
ceylon run