Note: information on this page refers to Ceylon 1.2, not to the current release.

Ceylon roadmap

Ceylon 1.2 has been released and we've already started development of Ceylon 1.3. Being an odd-numbered release, 1.3 won't include major new language features. Instead, the goals of the 1.3 release include:

  • Rebasing the compiler on Java 8, including use of new features of the Java 8 platform.
  • Full support for Android.
  • An IntelliJ-based IDE for Ceylon, along with a rewrite of much of Ceylon IDE in Ceylon.
  • Improvements to the Gradle plugin for Ceylon.
  • Support for overriding module dependencies in the Ceylon module descriptor, and deprecation of the existing overrides.xml format.
  • Interoperation with npm, including support for depending directly on NPM packages in module.ceylon.
  • Typesafe interoperation with TypeScript in Ceylon JS.